10 reasons why your eyelashes are brittle

Who never had the unpleasant surprise to wake up one morning with a piece of eyelash stuck under her eyelid, her pillow or even see it drop in the basin while brushing her teeth? Worse, realise with horror that a few stayed stuck to the cotton pad while removing make up? Yes, it is a fact: eyelashes break and fall. Here are a few reasons why.

The eyelashes’ main purpose is to protect the eyeball from external aggressions (dust, foreign objects). But being on the frontline, our eyelashes are weakened by our daily actions. Did you know we all have different eyelashes? Our eyelashes can be of different length (6 to 12 cm), thickness (11 to 120 micron), curve (80 to 120 degrees) and quantity (90 to 160). All these differences push us to use every mean at our disposal to have the most beautiful eyelashes possible, which is part of the reason why they end up being brittle.

Even though every case is different, there are common answers as to why your eyelashes might be brittle. Each of these causes can be beaten by successfully following a proper routine, efficient protection methods and using products designed for your specific problem.

1. Don’t rub your eyes

Sometimes you just can’t help it. Your eyes are itchy, you are tired, you cannot help rubbing your eyes. Sitting in a smoky or dusty room, even rain and tears will make you touch your eyes and play with your eyelashes without even realising it. The more you rub your eyes, the more you weaken your eyelashes and run the risk to see them break. You might not be able to control the majority of these rubs, but applying a nourishing and protective cream every day can help fight this aggression on your eyelashes.

2. ​Dryness

Dryness could also be a reason why your eyelashes get brittle. Like our hair, our eyelashes can become dry for several reasons: heat, environment, diet, ageing, etc. Some products are specially designed to help your eyelashes regain the lost moisture. Use them regularly and you will soon see your lashes regain their beauty.

3. ​Water

Water is life, but too much of it can spell the end of your healthy lashes. Rain, the water pressure in your daily shower, spas, chlorine in pool water, sea water are all aggressive to your eyelashes and can weaken them. Here again, the use of a specialised protective product will go a long way towards nourishing your lashes and limit the damages caused by water.

4. ​UV

As natural as it can be, we know that the sun is harmful to our skin and hair. This also applies to our eyelashes. Whether you are out in the sun or under UV lamps during a tanning session, your eyelashes should be protected against the harmful effects of UV. A specialised cream or lotion applied correctly and regularly will minimise the drying out and damages to your eyelashes and keep them from weakening and becoming brittle in the process.

5. Lash curler

​Let’s tackle one of your eyelashes’ worst enemy: the lash curler. Often used to achieve the Betty Boop look we think men love so much, this accessory is one of the main culprits when it comes to your eyelashes being brittle. Use it too brutally or too hot, it will weaken your eyelashes and, in some cases, even cut them! The most important rule to remember with an eyelash curler is not to use it after having applied mascara.

6. Mascara

​Actually… let’s talk about mascara. Seemingly your best friend to have the best eyes at work and at night, this product can be deadly to your eyelashes, albeit indirectly. It can definitely cause brittle eyelashes, but not necessarily from wearing it. The danger comes from the removal.

Residues of mascara will prevent your eyelashes to “breathe” at night and recover. It will be worse if you fail to remove it at all! A good cleanse of your eyes and face before going to bed is paramount to good skin and healthy eyelashes. Use a good quality eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently rub in an outward movement to remove all traces of mascara.

7. Sleep

​Talking about sleep, try to sleep on your side or on your back so you do not rub your eyes on your pillow. Your skin will thank you for it as much as your eyelashes.


​One that we do not like hearing: age. As we age, we do notice changes in our hair. Eyelashes are no exception. They tend to become brittle and their life cycle shortens. Invest in a good protective cream or lotion and avoid exposure to the sun.

9. ​False eyelashes

Bad quality, cheap false eyelashes stuck with low quality glue might make you the star of the night, but the consequence of a short-lived stunning look could mean months of battling with damaged eyelashes.

10. Overall Health

​Work from the inside. Your diet plays an important role in your overall health and the state of your eyelashes, just like the health of your hair or skin, can be affected by a poor diet. Do not forget to add omega 3 for hair health: fatty fish, nuts, canola oil etc.

If your eyelashes seem unhealthy and brittle, the best gift you can give them is rest and protection. Let them rest a few days from make-up, glue, harsh cosmetics and rubbing. Instead, offer them a good quality treatment such as 4xMore Serum to help them get back to health.

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