3 best tips for eyelash extension newbies

Ready to kiss your mascara goodbye, take the plunge and get eyelash extensions but still a little bit scared and don’t know what to expect, how to care for them and make them last as long as possible? No need to worry. Follow these three tips and you will sport the best and longest lash extensions for as long as possible.

Before your first set and during the procedure

First of all, you must choose a good salon and an excellent, experienced lash therapist. Make sure your therapist uses quality products and the right set of extensions for your eyes. They must not only suit your natural lashes – not too heavy if you have very fine lashes for example – but also the correct curl, length and thickness to suit your face. Do not let the idea of having glue come close to your eyes deter you. It is only a pinhead sized drop of glue used, and it does not even come into contact with your eyelid since the extension is applied onto your natural lash. A good therapist will advise you as to which type of extension is the best for you and what kind of products you must use to maintain them.

If you are a contact lens user, it is best to remove them before the procedure as you will feel more comfortable, but you can wear them once your extensions are on. You might just need to adjust your technique slightly to accommodate your new eyelashes.

Your natural lashes must be perfectly clean. The best way to ensure they bear no trace of mascara is not to wear make up the day before your appointment. Your therapist will clean them to remove all traces of oil before starting the work but will request that your eyelashes be free of all mascara.Relax. Do not be afraid that you might open your eyes or that your eyes might get glued. Your therapist will make sure this doesn’t happen. Your eyelashes will be isolated from the skin underneath your eyes using special cotton pads.

What to do and what not to do immediately after fitting

That’s it. Done. You now have these long lashes you dreamed of. You feel happy, may be a bit worried to have these strangers on your eyes, but your eyes didn’t get glued and you realise there was nothing to fear and you are delighted with the result. Do not cry of joy, your brand new eyelashes do not like water in the first 8 hours. Avoid showering, washing your face, and do not rush to celebrate with a relaxing sauna session. The glue is black and dries immediately to the touch, but it takes a few hours to dry completely and can turn white if it gets into contact with water.

You might feel that you have some kind of foreign object on your eyelids. You don’t. Your extensions are glued to your natural lashes, they don’t actually touch your eyelid. They might feel a bit heavy at the beginning – especially if you chose volume lashes – but you will soon get used to it. Resist the temptation to rub your eyes.

As much as you now want to show off your new look, wear sunglasses when you leave the salon. Your eyes have been closed for 60-90 minutes, the day light might be uncomfortable and make your eyes water.

How to care for your eyelash extensions

To keep your “new lashes” perfect, it is vital to follow a strict routine. Follow these instructions to keep them looking their best for as long as possible: Apply 4xMore eyelash serum regularly. It doesn’t interact with the glue and will make your natural eyelashes more resistant to the stress of eyelash extensions.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Try to sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side, you might end up with one side “wearing off” faster than the other and a very unbalanced look.

Remember that the eyelash curler is not your friend.

If you find your extensions too long, resist the temptation to trim them. It is dangerous and will change their shape. If after a few days you still cannot get used to them, have them removed professionally.

Clean your extensions daily using an oil-free lash cleanser.
You can also apply a sealant to maintain their shape.

Another question you might be asking yourself is: can I still wear my favourite mascara? Let me reply with another question: why? Your extensions will not fade or run-off, they are here to stay and as long as you take good care of them, you will not even feel the need for mascara. But for the aficionados out there, yes you can still use mascara. You must however stay away from waterproof mascara as the special remover is oil based and will weaken the glue. Also keep in mind that the brush might damage your extensions.

How long will your eyelash extensions last? Remember that they are glued to individual eyelashes, so the lifespan of each extension – provided you took good care of them – will last as long as the lash it is glued on. We shed 3-4 eyelashes a day. If you want to keep your eyelashes looking full at all times, a visit to your therapist every 2 to 3 weeks to fill the gaps is necessary.

What if I don’t like them anymore? What if I want them off before they fall off naturally? Your therapist will apply a debonding gel to each of the extension, and gently remove them one by one. The entire procedure takes between 20 and 40 minutes depending on how many extensions you need removed. Never try to remove them yourself by pulling or rubbing, which could cause an infection.

Once your extensions are off, your natural eyelashes will need a little bit of extra care. Use the 4xMore lash serum for a few weeks to strengthen them and help them grow faster before having your next set done.

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