About 4xMore

The 4XMore story starts with a founder who offers a unique combination of science PHD and a passion for beauty…and ends with your long, strong, and beautiful eyelashes.

Using scientifically proven, hypoallergenic ingredients, this wonder serum creates such spectacular growth that it’s no wonder women all over the world are obsessed with their new beauty secret!

4xMore about paulina chilarska

Meet Dr Paulina Chilarska

I’m Dr Paulina Chilarska, founder of Young Now and creator of the incredible 4xMore Eyelash Serum, and I’ve always been fascinated by the science of beauty – so much so that for years now I’ve been known as the ‘witch doctor’ among my friends and family thanks to my ability to help them with their beauty problems! I realised very early on how few scientists were like me, interested in beauty as the main topic of their research, and how even fewer were willing or able to share their discoveries with the general public in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand.

I decided to change that, and Young Now was born.

By using my cutting-edge research (at the age of 21 I’d already worked with Nobel Prize winner Sir Professor Paul Nurse on the cell cycle) combined with my interest and expertise in common beauty issues like the molecular basis of ageing, I’ve experienced some incredible discoveries – on of those being the combination of ingredients that makes up 4xMore Eyelash Serum.

Quick and easy to use and free from any undesirable side effects, 4xMore offers results that are completely natural and incredibly beautiful – no need for fake eyelashes or even mascara! Every morning you’ll be waking up with spectacular eyelashes – naturally. Sharing my knowledge with women like you is my passion, and I can’t wait for you to try out this amazing formula for yourself!