False eyelashes vs. Extensions – Who won the battle?

Let’s admit it, we all want beautiful eyelashes. Long and full, thick and expressive. Unfortunately, mother nature is not fair and we are not all born with luscious lashes. You could try all the mascaras on the market, there is basically a mascara for every type of lash or desired result, but you might want something more practical and effective. Many of us needs to get a little outside help. This is when you ask yourself “the” question: false lashes or extensions?

Whatever you choose, never forget that your natural eyelashes must still be taken care of. You should apply a lash protection product such a 4xMore on a regular basis to keep them healthy and stimulate growth.

Let’s have a look at false eyelashes:

False lashes are usually worn for special occasions such as cocktail parties, weddings etc. You can buy them from any drugstore or beauty store. They come in all sorts of lengths, colours and shapes. For a really wild party, you can even choose some with glitter or feathers!

The prices vary according to a few factors such as quality, originality, length, thickness and of course the brand.

Falsies can be used to simply enhance your eyes and get your makeup to stand out at work, or to create a more dramatic look for a special occasion. Play around with the textures, thicknesses and colours, and do not hesitate to accessorise them! Glitter eyelashes will definitely get you noticed. You can even play the 50’s Audrey Hepburn look by choosing lashes that are longer on the outer edge. They are all supplied with a full installation kit so you do not have to worry. The lashes are glued onto your upper eyelid, just above your natural lashes. You can do this yourself or have it done.

in a salon, but they will only last as long as the glue – a few hours, may be a couple of days. It is a good idea to keep some glue in your handbag for a quick fix in case one comes off unexpectedly.

Keep in mind that the fitting of false eyelashes is a delicate process that requires a few tries before getting it right. Do not venture into this 5 minutes before you leave for your party. Train beforehand and make sure you master the process.

You shouldn’t keep them on for too long, as the glue might damage your skin. Consider false eyelashes as part of your make up, and remove them before you go to bed or after the event. Once off, clean your natural lashes and remove all traces of glue before applying a protective and regenerative product to nourish them.

What about eyelash extensions?

The process is way different, since the extensions are glued to your natural lashes. You cannot install then yourself – you need a professional to do this for you. Make sure you choose someone who is well trained and experienced in this process.

The therapist will assess your own eyelashes before advising you on which type of extensions you qualify for. The texture, number and thickness of your natural lashes as well as the shape of your face will determine the type of extensions she will be able to use: classic or volume. The volume extensions offer the closest effect to false eyelashes when it comes to getting a bold, dramatic look. They consist of between 4 and 6 glued onto one natural eyelash. If these are not strong enough, brittle or too thin to support the weight of volume eyelashes, your therapist will advise you to go for classic. It is possible to reinforce your natural lashes if you really insist on volume, but choose a god quality product such as 4xMore to give them the boost they need.

The fitting of a full set of extensions takes about 90 minutes, a bit longer for classic as more lashes must be glued. These extensions lengthen your natural lashes, and being glued to your natural lashes, are very safe and will not fall off unless your own lash reaches the end of its life cycle and falls off (or if you cannot resist rubbing your eyes, which will “mechanically” take them off). Extensions are a more permanent solution to obtain long, luscious lashes, and more suite to everyday life. A 2-week fill is necessary to keep them full and looking their best, and total removal must be done by a specialist.

So, which is best? Falsies or extensions?

It really all depends on what you are looking for. If you are going for a very dramatic look for a once-off event, or if you do not mind walking around with glue and mirror to fix a potential problem, by all means go for false eyelashes. If you are looking for something more practical and permanent, more discreet and easier to manage, extensions are for you. In both cases, make sure you buy good quality product and see a qualified therapist.

None of these two options will damage your eyelashes in the long run provided the procedure is done properly and you take good care of your natural lashes.

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