How to make up your eyes according to their colour?

Whether it is for everyday wear, for an evening between friends, for partying in a club or a special occasion, your eye makeup is the most important part of your beauty routine. You will obviously find all sorts of eyeshadows on the market, butdo not forget that for your makeup to be a success and highlight your natural features, you need to follow a few rules. With the right makeup, your eyes will be enhanced through not only the highlighting of your eyelids thanks to eyeshadow but also to the intensity of your eyelashes and eyebrows. One of the ground rules for a successful makeup is without doubt a good hygiene and a good skincare routine with specialised products, and also adequate care to your eyelashes with creams and lotions such as 4XMore.

Here is a little guide to help you choose your makeup.

Do you find it normal to match your clothes?

Well, the same should apply to your makeup. The colour of your eyeshadow will highlight their colour, but be careful not to use the same colour. Use 3 to 4 different colours, and apply the darker one to the root of your upper eyelashes, and gradually go lighter as you reach the middle eyelid, until you reach the base of your eyebrows. To avoid a striped effect, do not forget the golden rule: blend, blend, and blend some more. Try not to use too many colours to avoid the “too much” look.
Eyeshadow is not your only friend, mascara and eyeliner are also here to help you achieve the desired look. The ultimate mascara is and will always be black as it will inevitably highlight any eye colour, but if you have a special event and need something different, be bold and go for green, deep purple, or even gold! You probably have a favourite brand of black or dark brown mascara, but if you venture into unusual colours, make sure you use a trusted and good quality product.

What colour eyeshadow for my eyes?

If you have blue eyes: choose yellow and orange tones eyeshadow: saffron, lemon, peach, taupe, brown or mocha are yours to enjoy. Avoid tone-on-tone at all costs, so no blues especially no light blue! If you cannot resist using blue, rather go for darker shades of blue such as navy, night blue, dark purple. For smokey eyes, do not go too dark. Stick to the three “b”s: brown, bronze or beige, and as always, the 4th “b”: blend!

Do you have green eyes?

Orange, red or pale purple are for you. Use and abuse pink, brown, copper and play with purple. Avoid green at all costs! Smokey eyes with green eyes will be striking in plum and red. These shades are perfect for playing with shadows and blending. Brown eyes are the perfect terrain for just about anything. Go ahead, experiment to your heart’s content! Green, yellow, orange, red eyeshadow, anything goes. You might however want to avoid smokey eyes, much more delicate to get right with brown eyes. If you go too dark, you will look dark and dull. If you go too bright… well… the “smokey” effect is lost! The secret here again is blending. Experiment with green and grey or even gold. Start with the darker shade at the root of the eyelashes and work your way up with lighter shades.

Dark brown and black eyes: it is important to bring light to dark eyes. Give preference to golden brown and khaki shades, which will highlight the natural colour of your eyes. Eyeliner is paramount in this case, a fine line at the root of the lashes that you will blend for a smokey effect will do the trick.

Do not forget to take good care of your skin and eyelashes. Always remove all traces of makeup before going to bed and apply regenerating products such as a good eye cream and a lash lotion such as 4XMore.

Whether your eyes are blue, green, brown, dark brown or black, do not forget that the most important element to contribute to an out-of-this-world look is your makeup. Mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, eyelash extensions or fake lashes are tools that will make you look fabulous if used correctly. We hope that this little guide to eye makeup according to your eye colour will help you and remove some of the doubts you might have had regarding what to do and what not to do.

Remember that a good makeup well applied (did I mention blending?) and of the right colour is better than too much makeup badly chosen!

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