How to makeup your eyelashes?

Your eyes are an important part of your seduction attire, and make up will make the difference between hypnotizing eyes and a scary and dreadful look. So, what to do? How to make your mascara and eye shadow work the best for you?

It all depends on the shape of your eyes. The same make up will not have the same effect on all almond shaped or round eyes. Eye shadow is important, but it is not everything. The colour and area must be adapted to your eyes, which is defined by your eyelashes and eyebrows. Make up techniques, false eyelashes or extensions allow you to play with your eyes and transform your look in multiple ways. We will explain the best ways to use these techniques, but first please do not forget that your eyelashes are very fragile and, like your hair, have a natural growth cycle and you must not forget to maintain them with specialized products such a 4xMore to keep them in tip-top shape. Even the best of mascaras will not have the enhancing effect on unhealthy lashes.

If you are lucky enough to have almond shaped eyes, you have the best choice when it comes to make up choices. Pay extra attention to your eyelids which sometimes lack in depth, so do not hesitate to play with colours and shadows to highlight them. Apply eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes for a perfect, neat finish.

If you have “droopy eyes”, you do not need to worry, a well-adapted make up will help you camouflage the imperfections. If you think your eyes are dropping, give them a lifting effect with a fine line of eyeliner at the root of your bottom lashes to get an instant “uplift”. You can choose a brush or pen type eyeliner, as long as the line is very neat and you are comfortable with it.Your eyebrows are also very important. Have them professionally shaped, a DIY job can have disastrous results and you will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks before they grow back sufficiently to be fixed. Apply a good mascara, insisting a little bit on the outside of the eye to open it up. You can bend the brush at a 90º angle to help with the definition and a more practical handling. Mascara is a very good product to enhance your eyelashes, but always apply the product on healthy lashes, remove it before going to bed and apply a nourishing product such as 4XMore on a regular basis. If you prefer eyelash extensions, go for volume extensions, which will give your eyes a more open look.Round eyes tend look smaller than they really are. Make up can help make them look wider, especially eyeliner: start from the inside of the eye and draw a fine line along the base of your bottom eyelashes, following the shape of the eye and when you reach the outer portion of the eye, go up a little bit towards the upper eyelid. Avoid thick lines and choose a lighter colour eye shadow.If your eyes are close together, you will need to be a little bit more meticulous and focus on the area around eyes. You need to highlight the eyes’ brightness to open them up and find the best eye shadow according to your eye colour while sticking to lighter and pastel colours. According to the look you are looking for, you may choose a slightly thicker eyeliner but always work from the outside of the eye. The finishing touch will be your mascara, preferably a lifting mascara – or use an eyelash curler. You may also use fake eyelashes for an even more dramatic look.

You can enhance deep-set eyes with appropriate enhancing make up. Play around, redefine your look with a rather light-coloured eyeshadow, going lighter as you move up the eyelid up to the bottom of your eyebrows. Finish off this stunning look with a fine line of eyeliner on the outside of the eye and lengthening mascara. You are now ready to face the world with a confident look!

The eyes and eyelashes are one of the most important elements of a bright and seducing look and we can all achieve it – whatever our facial features are. You must however always take extremely good care of what nature offered you: your natural eyelashes must be nurtured and nourished on a regular basis, treat them with products such as 4XMore to keep the in tip-top condition. Beware of heavy make-up, that might hide your natural look and look artificial or give you this “tried too hard” look. Keep it simple, light and natural, it is there to camouflage imperfections while enhancing your good features. Play with eye shadows, mix colours, blend well and make it work for you.

Let’s not forget your eyebrows, they might also need a little boost to be in harmony with the rest of your eye make-up. Shape then regularly and intensify their colour with either an eyebrow pencil or even a touch of mascara. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.

Eyes come in all shapes and colours, so does make up. Get your make up right to get the eyes you are dreaming of!

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